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Media Relations | Expedition Arctic Ocean Raptor

Media Relations

Press Clippings mentioning “Expedition Arctic Ocean Raptor”


27 July 2016: Von Walen und Walrössern – Münchener Merkur (Germany)

Münchener Merkur Expedition Arcic Ocean Raptor

24 July 2016: “Biddeford man setting sail for the Arctic Ocean” Portland Press Herold (USA)

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23 July 2016: “Es ist aufzehrend. Aber das ist es wert”  Münchener Merkur (Germany)

AOR Merkur Vorberichterstattung 1

22 July 2016: Karlheinz Innerhofer an Bord der “Arctic Light” Dolomitenzeitung (Italy)

AOR Merkur Vorberichterstattung

20 July 2016: “Expedition nimmt Kurs auf die Arktis” Yacht Magazin (Germany)

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19 July 2016: “L’Arctic Ocean Raptor” – CinqueColonneMagazine (Italy)

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19 July 2016: Press Release (Germany)

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17 July 2016: Press Release (Italy)

Screenshot (62)

16 July 2016: Official Expedition Press Release (USA & Canada)

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1 July 2016 – SCHIFFClassic: Entdecker & Eroberer – Segeltörn in die eisige Vergangenheit

Screenshot (69)

20. December 2015: RACMP Newsletter Dec 2015Screenshot (66)

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For further information please contact:

Jochen Werne

Skipper & Expedition Leader


c/o Jochen Werne – Expedition Leader

Ambergerstrasse 20

81679 Munich


Mobile: + 49 163 701 7201

Mail: expeditionleader@arcticoceanraptor.com

Web: www.arcticoceanraptor.com

Twitter: @exparcticraptor



Remarks: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


24 July – 7 August 2016 Historic Research Offshore Sailing Expedition to the edge of the world