Dr. Bernd Görgner

XO – Medical  & Logistic Officer – The ‘Doc’

Deutschland_120-animierte-flagge-gifsTEAM MEMBER since: 2011
SEA AREAS: Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Meditterranean Sea, Irish Sea

On Board at Expedition ARCTIC OCEAN RAPTOR:  North Exploration 23.7. – 31.7. 2016

As Medical Officer he is responsible for all physical issues in the context of this expedition. Beginning from advise to the Logistics Officer regarding best bad weather food to all topics about accident prevention till the shared responsibility with the Security Officer (technical), regarding all physical issues in survival emergency situations (e.g. abandoning the boat to life raft or to an arctic Island)

As Logistics Officer he is responsible for one of the most important things on board. The LO always has in mind that Napoleon famously said: “An army marches on its stomach”

This includes all logistics coordination at the expeditions base and the preperation of a supply emergency planning to be safe in any circumstance  which may occur.

The Logistic Officer is also responsible for all logistics questions outside food and supply. The range of responsibility is large and goes from how to get diesel on 80°N  to perfect protection against polar bears.

Meet the Expeditons Medical & Logistic Officer Bernd Görgner at: Praxis@goergner-zahnarzt.de

24 July – 7 August 2016 Historic Research Offshore Sailing Expedition to the edge of the world